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Our breeding focus is to develop a line of Pure Polled Oberhasli like they were originally in Switzerland.

We began in the fall of 2011. At that time we could not local any Polled Oberhasli bucks. So we purchased Purebred Semen for doing Timed IA but we were lucky enough in the late fall of 2011 to acquire our 1st Polled American Oberhasli Buck. Ruger. Ruger produced eight kids five polled three does and two bucks. Amber, Cinder and Bless are our first polled does.

In 2012 we found two other Polled Oberhasli bucklings. One American and one Purebred. So our timed AI plan was changed to live cover until such time as we cannot keep inbreeding percentages below 15%. Or goal is below 15%. Low inbreeding percentages is important so we can prevent inbred cause intersex issue.

In the fall of 2012 we did not breed Cinder and Bless since we had acquired Ruger so late in the previous year that they were late season 2012 births.  We felt they were too young to breed. Amber provided us with two bucks. David a polled buck that is possible PP.  In the fall of 2013 we exposed  Amber, Cinder and Bless, Cinder did not produce any kids. Amber gave us two more bucks, one is Grand our second possible PP buck. Bless gave us I nice polled doe named Twice who is our first possible PP doe.

2013 season we had 22 births. Ten polled kids of which three were does. One died and the other two Fawn and Dawn were late 2013 season births so they were not breed until 2015 season.

2014 season we had 27 births. Thirteen polled kids, of these six were does. We sold one polled doeling.  All six of our Polled Does are being exposed for the 2015 season.

2015 season we had to sell most of our breed Does due to personal finances and time issues.  Retained 6  polled to polled bred does.  2015 had 26 births.  Retained, 3 polled does, 1 polled purebred buck and 1 disbudded purebred buck. Bred 5 polled to polled to polled and 2 purebred does. Exposed 2 other for PP breeding but did not get pregnant.

2016 season we plan 12 polled to polled breeding and two Purebred breeding's.