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Disbudding without a box or assistant

Being new to the goat world I built a kid box to dehorn my goats. Purchased an X30 dehorner and called my mentor Tom Ludwig to assist me the first time. He used my clippers and my dehorning iron but he did not need any assistance and he did not need a kid box. He did sit on my newly made box. Since being shown I have used his method on all my kids that needed to be disbudded.

Here is the kid box I built per everything I read so I could disbud my baby goats. Tom asked what it was for. He has been removing horns for 40 years without one.

Tom simply set on the box, extended his leg and placed the kid between his legs. Placed the kid head over his extended leg and held the kid with his left hand behind the ears and placed his head over and against his leg.

After he trimmed the kids head to expose the horn button, he tested the dehorn iron by burning a circle on a piece of wood. Then he placed the iron over the horn button and rolled it around the horn button for 5 seconds and removed the iron.  

Upon removing the dehorning iron a nice copper circle was visible. This horn was done. If the copper circle was broken he would repeat for 5 more seconds. The smaller X30 iron works better on goats, than the larger X50 as it does not require any attachment to reduce the size so it gets hotter.

The process is repeated on the other horn button.

Note! With the larger X50 iron and attachment, it normally takes about 10 seconds to get the same results the X30 does in 5 seconds.

Here you have a successfully dehorned/disbudded goat kid.

No Kid box needed.

No assistant needed.

Thanks be to Tom Ludwig of Ludwig Mohawk Dairy Goats