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MMRANCH - Home of the Polled Mountain Goat! Important Bucks in our herd history


Ruger was our first polled buck. He produced 14 kids the  year we used him.. 7 kids were polled, for exactly 50% polled. He was such a sweet and fun goat that he was a large part of our decision to only raise Oberhasli. His kids Azz, Bart, Amber, Bless,  Cinder, Nora and Farna will continue his lineage with MMRanch goats.  We were lucky to obtain a good polled buck. His polled kids will be our first polled to polled breedings.

2013 - MEADOWSONG A.G. PATRIOT  B1619144P  &  2012 EDEN-HILL APLET ANVIL STEIN AB1607746P.  Patriot is not only Polled he is  a Purebred buck.  We will be be able to continue our development of a polled herd with Purebred blood lines. Our 2nd blood line addition was  Stein.  We now have Three separate bloodline live polled bucks. Stein gave us 10 kids 5 polled and our 1st P-P possible kids.  Two polled bucks and a horned doe. We kept MMRANCH STEIN AMBER DAVID AB1651556P

2012 - MMRANCH RUGER LOVY AZZ AB1616450P & MMRANCH RUGER VALERIA BART AB1616455P. Both of  Rugers buck kids became our 2012  sires.  Neither could be Homogenous Polled but  both had better lines then Ruger and Ruger was a very nice buck.  Now we have three excellent polled buck so I will not be doing  TAI for a few more years. Azz gave me 7 kids . 2 polled does. Bart sired 5 kids but only 1 polled. Buck. The polled buck was a Black Bay. MMRANCH BART DEANNA ASHER

2014 - MMRANCH BART DEANNA ASHER AB1638222P will be used this year along with MEADOWSONG A.G. PATRIOT  B1619144P he gave us 13 2014 kids. No P-P Patriot kids.  Stein also gave us 13 2014 kids three possible P-P kids  Two Does and a Buck. MMRANCH STEIN AMBER GRAND AB1700673P. Grand will be retained for Homogenous testing.











2015 MMRANCH STEIN AMBER GRAND AB1700673P. will be used this year along with MEADOWSONG A.G. PATRIOT  B1619144P. Not sure about any others . MMRANCH PATRIOT BLESS HERCULES  will be used in 2016