MMRANCH - Home of the Polled Mountain Goat!

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We expect to have about 2 horned Doelings available in 2016. Our herd is tested for CAE & CL. Dam raised for 3 months unless you want them sooner. Disbudded Doeling’s are $150 each with ADGA registration.

We will also have about 4 Polled Pp Doelings available for sale this summer. Price is $200 each.

Free Goat 4H Program

We believe in supporting 4H and will give away one or more doelings each year to current 4H members. If you are interested send us an email in April to tell us about yourself. Be sure to include information on how to contact your parents.

Goats For Sale Bucks

2016 Breeding Season should result in 16+ kids from our Polled girls. Therefore we should have about 5 polled buckling's. Reserve yours for $200.

Disbudded bucklings are $150 each

Place your order today to be added to the waiting list.

All of our 2015 does and bucks have been sold.