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Our desire is to test all polled stock resulting from polled to polled breeding for pure polled (PP) homozygous gene status. However it is not going to be possible for us to test every buck and doe born from Polled parents. Soon the volume of kids from Polled to Polled breeding will overwhelm our ability. We need to find others that will assist us. If you are interested please contact us. You will need to have a least 5 does that you can breed with one of my Polled bucks. Note your does do not have to be Oberhasli.

If you are considering assisting us with testing Polled bucks for Homozygous gene (PP) please contact us! 1-541-895-3083 or

This is how testing assistance could work. You would receive a possible PP buckling for $100 plus any transportation fees.  This fee would be for breeding services.  You would retain the buck and be free to use him and sell his services as you desire. You would be required to provide me with a list of all does that he services each season and the resulting kids produced for 3 years , 15 breeding's or until a horned kid is born. This would include any contract services. If a horned kid is born at any time I would transfer ownership to you for no additional charge and no additional reporting would be required. If after 15 does have been serviced no horned kids are produced I would reclaim possession of the buck.

Click on the 2016 Breeding Plan for my pairing details.

2015 season was our first year where we tested a buck for (PP) Pure Polled. David was a year and 5 months old when he provided live cover for five disbudded does. David did not turn out to be PP. His half brother Grand will be tested in the 2016 season.

2015 breeding season was 6 adult Polled does that are being exposed to our live Polled bucks. This should produce 9 kids of which 6 should be polled. All 6 of these kids will need to bred tested for PP status. If half the 2015 P2P breeding are bucks that 15 does I need for testing in 2016. We can only keep about 20 adult does so after 2015 season we will be at our limit for testing bucks.  I think you can see my problem.

Pp polled means that their offspring have only a 50% chance of being polled when breed to horned. PP for polled goats produces 100% polled offspring, but not 100% pure polled kids.

We will be selling polled bucklings disbudded doelings and some adult does. Herd is CAE & CL free. Kids are Dam raised and are available after 2~3 months of age, unless requested as bottle baby in advance. Polled buck PB (PureBred) kids are $300, Polled buck American kids are $200, Disbudded horned kids are $150 each regardless of sex. Buck kids are not castrated unless there is a defect that makes them undesirable for breeding stock.

Check the For Sale tab for available adults and kids. If you want two reserve a doe in milk let us know early so we do not dry off the doe you want.

Want more information on how to breed for hornless goats. Download or open this “BooK of the Goat (1917 issue)” and read the chapter on how it is done. Just click on this text.